Introducing LexMeta: a metadata model for lexical resources

By September 7, 2022,
Page 310-320
Author David Lindemann, Penny Labropoulou, Christiane Klaes
Title Introducing LexMeta: a metadata model for lexical resources
Abstract In this paper, we present LexMeta, a metadata model for the description of human-­readable and computational lexical resources in catalogues. Our initial motivation is the extension of the LexBib knowledge graph with the addition of metadata for dictionaries, making it a catalogue of and about lexicographical works. The scope of the proposed model, however, is broader, aiming at the exchange of metadata with catalogues of Language Resources and Technologies and addressing a wider community of researchers besides lexicographers. For the definition of the LexMeta core classes and properties, we deploy widely used RDF vocabularies, mainly Meta-Share, a metadata model for Language Resources and Technologies, and FRBR, a model for bibliographic records.
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Keywords Lexical resources metadata, linked data, Wikibase, semantic web
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