Inventory of New Romanian Lexemes and Meanings Attested on the Internet

Page 363-369
Author Ana-Maria Barbu, Irina Lupu, Oana Stoica-Dinu, Dana-Luminita Teleoacă, Teodora Toroipan
Title Inventory of New Romanian Lexemes and Meanings Attested on the Internet
Abstract This article presents a project that monitors the new lexemes and meanings attested on the Internet for the Romanian language and records them in a descriptive dictionary. This project tries to capture the dynamics of the language in the smallest details (e.g. the loan adaptation process) and to update the lexicographic inventory. The Internet is the best source for this purpose. The article begins with the definition of the term new word in the sense of this project, and with the characterization of a descriptive dictionary compared to a normative one. Then the method of selecting new words is described which is of random type, i.e. the words are selected by lexicographers from everyday life, without going through a predetermined volume of texts and are registered provided they have 10 attestations from different sources on the Internet. The article also provides a description of some technical aspects and the structure of the dictionary entries. Some solutions to the problems encountered, the first results and how to continue the project are also discussed.
Session Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
Keywords new words; Internet; descriptive dictionary; lemma variants; random selection
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