Investigating the Dictionary Use Strategies of Greek-speaking Pupils

Page 43-57
Author Elina Chadjipapa
Title Investigating the Dictionary Use Strategies of Greek-speaking Pupils
Abstract The purpose of this large-scale study was to determine the profile of Greek pupils as dictionary users. In particular, the study investigates the dictionary use strategies that Greek pupils adopt, and records those that they prefer in total and by category while using a dictionary. A total of 745 pupils attending the last three years of primary school and the first three years of junior high school participated in a survey that was carried out in 2014. The data was collected by using the S.I.D.U., a self-report questionnaire. The results revealed that Greek pupils cannot be characterized as strategic dictionary users, as the mean scores of all categories of the dictionary use strategies were below 3.4, which is considered to reflect medium usage. Furthermore, the participants stated that they prefer to employ the look-up and selection strategies more than the lemmatization and the awareness strategies. The medium scores of strategic dictionary use indicate that Greek pupils need training in order to become strategic users.
Keywords Dictionary use strategies, selection strategies, awareness strategies, lemmatization strategies, look-up strategies, strategic dictionary users
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