Is a Bilingual Dictionary Possible?

By November 17, 2016,
Page 435-440
Author Liam Rodger
Title Is a Bilingual Dictionary Possible?
Abstract In this presentation, I reflect on some aspects ofmy practical experience in bilingual lexicography (specifically in the production of general-purpose paper dictionaries) in the light of some of me provocative ideas proposed by the linguist Roy Harris. His rejection of the idea of translation equivalence between languages, however surprising it may appear at first, serves as a useful point of departure in examining a number of persistent problem areas in the practice of bilingual lexicography. Several examples are discussed, indicating the sort of problems which can be encountered even with the apparently unproblematic concrete noun, and, less surprisingly, with slang and vulgar language. The points emerging from this discussion are then related to the use of examples in bilingual dictionaries more generally. In conclusion I argue that Harris's ideas can serve as a useful corrective to the tendency towards "tunnel vision" which may be encouraged by lexicographical practice.
Session Bilingual Lexicography
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