Is the dictionary of quotations a dictionary?

By November 17, 2016,
Page 573-580
Author Ali M. Al-Kasimi
Title Is the dictionary of quotations a dictionary?
Abstract This paper argues that the definition of the word "dictionary" in most dictionaries is not adequate enough to cover such dictionaries as the dictionary of quotations. The writer maintains that the word "dictionary" has undergone a semantic extension. The distinctive feature of the dictionary is no longer the type of information it provides, rather the order in which thls information is arranged. Having established that a dictionary of quotations is a proper dictionary, the writer deals with its compilers, entries, indices and typological classifications.
Session PART 6 - Historical and Scholarly Dictionaries, and other Lexicographical Topics
Keywords Lexicography, language dictionary, quotations, dictionary of quotations, classification of dictionaries of quotations.
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