ISA-overload in NorNet

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorJulie Matilde Torjusen
TitleISA-overload in NorNet
AbstractNorNet is a wordnet constructed on the basis of a traditional monolingual dictionary, still undergoing development. The wordnet does for instance still contain many cases of ISA-overload. In this paper I will show examples of ISA-overload in the semantic fields of persons and animals, and see if the relation of paranymy (Huang, Hsiao et al. 2008) or orthogonal hyponymy (Pedersen et al. 2009) are possible ways of solving the ISA-overload from these examples.
SessionLexicography and language technology
Keywordswordnets, ISA-overload, hyponymy, paranymy, orthogonal hyponymy
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