J. K.’s dictionary (1702) reconsidered

By November 17, 2016,
Page 601-606
Author Kusujiro Miyoshi
Title J. K.’s dictionary (1702) reconsidered
Abstract J. K. 's A NEW ENGLISH DICTIONARY (NED. 1702) has generally been considered the first English dictionary that listed daily words as well as a "forerunner" of Samuel Johnson's A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (DEL. 1755). These observations are found to be superficial, and even misleading, when we closely compare NED wlth the dictionaries of John Bullokar and Elisha Coles, and Johnson's DEL. We should not fail to notice the grammatical aspects of NED, which are conspicuous in the history of English lexicography.
Session PART 6 - Historical and Scholarly Dictionaries, and other Lexicographical Topics
Keywords daily words, hard words, grammatical words, grammatical aspects, Johnson.
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