La equivalencia en los diccionarios bilingües: un enfoque semántico

By November 17, 2016,
Page 843-854
Author Juan Fernández Fernández
Title La equivalencia en los diccionarios bilingües: un enfoque semántico
Abstract In this paper, we present a proposal to analyze bilingual dictionaries. lexical equivalents. Lexical correspondence between two languages can be analyzed adopting the point of view of different linguistic domains-e.g. pragmatics or syntax. Our approach is based upon semantics. The aim of this paper is to find out ways of discovering conceptual differences between bilingual dictionaries. equivalents which are supposed to have the same meaning. For this reason, we put into practice a semantic analysis based on semantic decomposition of monolingual dictionaries. definitions of the equivalents given by bilingual dictionaries. We make use of the lexicographical definition, the semantic metalanguage-especially, the metalanguage which consists in the up-to-date Wierzbicka's semantic primes, and corpus linguistics. These conceptual analysis. results are shown by means of conceptual trees which relate the different concepts which are part of the given equivalents. definitions. Thanks to the Wierzbicka's semantic primes, which have proven to be universals, we can follow an objective reasoning behind the differences and similarities between proposed lexical correspondences by these dictionaries. As a result, we can gain valuable conceptual knowledge that will sensitize us to languages, lexical variety and richness. This is something that cannot be easily shown in commercial bilingual dictionaries by reasons of time and pressures of the publishing market. Thus, our proposal is a small contribution to reflect on these dictionaries. functions regarding their users-language learners or language professionals. A further step is to provide an alternative to their common conceptual structure, in order to compare the lexicon of two languages in a more reasonable way, or in accordance to language's anisomorphism.
Session 4. Bilingual Lexicography
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