La lignée “Capuron-Nysten-Littré” entre ruptures et continuités doctrinales

By September 7, 2022,
Page 735-744
Author Anaïs Chambat
Title La lignée “Capuron-Nysten-Littré” entre ruptures et continuités doctrinales
Abstract This article aims to show the influence of doctrines in the medical lexicographers choices, with the Capuron­-Nysten-­Littré lineage as a case study. Indeed, the Dictionnaire de médecine has been crossed by several schools of thought such as spiritualism and positivism. While lexical continuity may seem self-evident due to the nature of the work, thus reducing the reprint to a simple lexical increase, this process introduces neologisms and deletions, all can be considered in their effects by using text statistics and factorial analysis.
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Keywords History of medical science dictionaries, 19th–20th centuries, medical lexicographers, spiritualism, positivism, text statistics, Joseph Capuron, Pierre­Hubert Nysten, Émile Littré, Charles Robin, Augustin Gilbert, Medica
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