Labeling of pejorative terms in a dictionary of college slang

By November 17, 2016,
Page 891-896
Author Don R. McCreary
Title Labeling of pejorative terms in a dictionary of college slang
Abstract This paper explains the rationale for the implementation of a labeling system for a dictionary of local campus slang. This dictionary, titled 'DawgSpeak' is a continuing project in the author's undergraduate course in lexicography. The 1007 terms already compiled in this dictionary cover several sensitive subjects that may be perceived as rude and offensive; however, the entries do not have any labels or usage notes. Since the definitions are all written in the sentence definition style of COBUŁD, the labeling for usage should also follow this style. The students found that COBUILD's use of phrasal and full sentence usage notes was effective and essential for certain entries. Although occasional use of brief intra-sentential usage notes seems to be a more efficient treatment for many entries, these were more difficult to write. The students preferred lengthier sentences with more detailed explanations of usage. They also found that since individual perceptions of the offensiveness of the terms varied widely, it was very challenging to briefly indicate contextually appropriate usage.
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