Las palabras culturales en el diccionario bilingüe

By November 17, 2016,
Page 617-622
Author María Teresa Sanmarco Bande
Title Las palabras culturales en el diccionario bilingüe
Abstract In this paper, we will aim at a survey of the different possible solutions for the absence of bilingual equivalence after having generally reflected on cultural words and how bilingual dictionaries deal with their equivalence. Specifically, we will pay attention to Spanish, Galician and Italian. This topic, which is in direct relationship with the criteria applied to any lexicographic work (e.g.: presence of encyclopedic information, the aim of the dictionary and its addressees), is studied by means of a theoretical reflection together with some examples taken from both the latest Italian-Spanish dictionaries and the still under construction Diccionario galego-italiano. The panorama of the lexicographic works that bring together the Italian language and other languages of the Iberian Peninsula has lately suffered a great change. This renovation must continue if we wish to have lexicographic works that would account not only for the similarities but also for the differences between peoples.
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