Las unidades fraseológicas eventivas en los diccionarios bilingües Espanol-Vasco

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1325-1331
Author Axun Aierbe Mendizabal
Title Las unidades fraseológicas eventivas en los diccionarios bilingües Espanol-Vasco
Abstract For decades, the written Basque language has become more and more common in many fields, such as literature, education, mass media, administration, science, etc. However, most of the texts written in Basque are translated from Spanish. Because of this, there are several bilingual Spanish-Basque dictionaries used by translators, writers, researchers and editors. Bilingual Spanish-Basque dictionaries provide a lot of information on equivalents for phraseological units and collocations. Many of the phraseological units that appear in dictionaries are eventive phraseological units, and both of them can be common and specialized in nature. Bevilacqua (2001: 124) proposes that eventive specialised phraseological units are based on an event head-event noun, event verb or eventive past participial adjective-and at least one terminological unit. According to this author, the main phraseological unit is originally based on an event verb. Taking this into account, we have researched bilingual Spanish-Basque dictionaries in order to explore what the basic structure of those eventive phraseological units is like in Spanish, as well as one of their equivalents in Basque. For example, the dictionaries Zehazki and Elhuyar compile two structures for transformación de energía > energia bihurtzea and transformar la energía > energia eraldatu or energia transformatu; it is not common, however, to compile two or more Spanish equivalent phraseological structures. Usually, Spanish-Basque dictionaries compile one structure for each phraseological unit, which is mostly based on an event noun (contaminación de las costas > kostaldearen kutsadura; contaminación de las aguas > urak kutsatzea). While Spanish phraseological units are based on an event noun, Basque equivalent structures may be based on an equivalent event noun or on an equivalent event verb. This paper will focus on equivalents, phraseological units and the variability of their basic structures depending on the language.
Session 8. Phraseology and Collocation
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