Le DAFLES, un nouveau dictionnaire électronique pour apprenants du français

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorThierry Selva, Serge Verlinde, Jean Binon
TitleLe DAFLES, un nouveau dictionnaire électronique pour apprenants du français
AbstractThe DAFLES is an on line electronic dictionary for learners of French as a foreign or second language (http://www.kuleuven.ac.be/dafies). It is designed as a reception and production oriented learner's dictionary. As an electronic dictionary it should considerably facilitate interactivity and user friendliness by improving the access to the data and by a better presentation of them. This should enhance both flexibility and comprehensibility. The data are structured in a MySQL database and visualized by the script language PHP. The interface is fully operational and we are currently working on the description ofthe data. The dictionary intends to help the learner both with decoding and encoding tasks by providing him with two types of definitions (short and long ones) and by giving information and tools which allow him to quickly identify the different meanings. It also offers a full description ofthe valency rules ofthe verbs and it classifies collocations by a simplified set of lexical functions. Synonyms are structured in semantic networks in such a way that the learner can easily explore them. As the different meanings are translated into several other languages, the learner also has access to the data by means ofhis mother tongue.
SessionComputational Lexicography and Lexicology
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