Le programme TLF-Étym: apports récents de l’étymologie comparée-reconstruction

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1165-1173
Author Gilles Petrequin, Marta Monda Andronache
Title Le programme TLF-Étym: apports récents de l’étymologie comparée-reconstruction
Abstract Our topic is the French hereditary vocabulary considered in a new theoretical approach and focuses on the theme 'Historical and learned Lexicography and Etymology'. From the point of view of the classical etymology any lexeme must find its origin in a graphic form. Therefore, there is nowadays a strong consensus among the specialists of the Romanic studies to revise this 'classical' and philological lexicographic practice that puts the graphic form at the centre of the theory, which generates basic contradictions. Recognizing the oral form of a hereditary lexeme and renouncing the .graphic centrist. conception in the treatment of the hereditary vocabulary appears as an obvious necessity in the daily practice of the lexicographer. Moving away the 'classical' method of the Romanic etymology, we propose to apply the system of the historical and comparative grammar to the field of the French etymology to reconstruct, by comparing different oral forms from Romanic languages, the oral form of the proto-language. Our submission presents three examples of etymological notes/headwords on the hereditary vocabulary developed and published by the program TLF-Étym of the linguistic laboratory ATILF (Analyse et traitement informatisé de la langue française; CNRS/Nancy-Université, France). These examples will allow us to demonstrate to what extent the practice of the etymology of the French hereditary word pool depends on the progress of the Roman etymology, with which it should go hand in hand from now on.
Session 6. Historical and Scholarly Lexicography and Etymology
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