Learning dictionary skills from Greek EFL coursebooks: How likely?

Page 439-445
Author Thomai Dalpanagioti
Title Learning dictionary skills from Greek EFL coursebooks: How likely?
Abstract This paper presents a review of the dictionary-oriented material which is included in the EFL coursebooks used in Greek state secondary education. The aim of the study is to determine whether, to what extent and what kind of dictionary skills can be developed through the mainstream coursebooks under review. To this end, based on the relevant literature, a checklist of dictionary skills is first designed to serve as an evaluation tool for examining the coursebooks. Findings reveal an overall limited number of dictionary-oriented exercises, their random distribution across proficiency levels and the underrepresentation of basic receptive and productive dictionary skills. Therefore, since the coursebooks reviewed are not characterized by a thorough or informed treatment of dictionary skills, we may conclude that learning dictionary skills from coursebooks is rather unlikely. To address this gap, we offer suggestions as to how teaching materials can be modified or enriched with a view to developing learners’ dictionary-using competence in a systematic way.
Session Lexicography and Language Technologies
Keywords dictionary skills; learners’ dictionaries; coursebook evaluation; TEFL
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