Lemmatisierungspraxis und -problematik im Autorenwörterbuch am Beispiel des Goethe-Wörterbuchs

By November 17, 2016,
Page 599-606
Author Christiane Schlaps, Thomas Schares
Title Lemmatisierungspraxis und -problematik im Autorenwörterbuch am Beispiel des Goethe-Wörterbuchs
Abstract The macrostructure of an author's dictionary as determined by (the rules of) lemmatization so far has attracted little attention in practical and theoretical lexicography, with most publications on the topic covering small-sized dictionaries that represent only specific segments of a writer's works and vocabulary. The Goethe Dictionary (GWb), in contrast, endeavors to treat the complete vocabulary used by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in his prolific literary, scientific, philosophical, historiographic etc. writings as well as in his letters and, to some extent, his conversations. The word list contains over 90,000 headwords, thus making the project the largest dictionary on an author's idiolect worldwide. The form and placement of lemmas in the GWb is determined by a set of rules that over the decades of work on this dictionary have been collected in a style manual but which are far from comprehensive or even static. Examples from the published parts of the GWb will demonstrate a number of decisions that typically arise in author's dictionaries and the way they are solved in the GWb, including questions of an author's idiolectal aberration from the orthographic norm, the frequency of hapax legomena, and morphological idiosyncrasies that in the GWb led to specialized sublemmas. In our paper, we would like to emphasize the need for research, both practical and theoretical, into the special problems of lemma presentation in author-centred lexicography and its methodological foundation as we believe that to show the full range of an individual's lexicon will not only contribute to the field of metalexicography in particular but will also help to gain valuable insights into the lexicological, semantic, grammatical, and, incidentally, historical dimensions of language in general.
Session 2. The Dictionary-Making Process
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