Les dictionnaires québécois et le probleme de la norme linguistique

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorElmar Schafroth
TitleLes dictionnaires québécois et le probleme de la norme linguistique
AbstractThis paper deals with dictionaries of French in Quebec and the problem of language norm. In 2008, Quebec will celebrate its 400th anniversary. The publishing of the first Dictionary of Standard French in Quebec (Dictionnaire FRANQUS)-Français Québécois Usage Standard, announced as an online version for autumn 2008 and supposedly available in its printed version in 2009, will mark a new and important step in the history of Canadian French lexicography. It will be the fifth dictionary of French published within the last 20 years in Quebec, each of them conveying its own normative point of view. The article deals with these four dictionaries: the Dictionnaire du français Plus à l.usage des francophones d.Amérique (DFP), 1988; the Multidictionnaire de la langue française (MLT), 4th edition 2003; the Dictionnaire québécois d.aujourd.hui (DQA), 1992/1993; the Dictionnaire québécois-français. Pour mieux se comprendre entre francophones (DQF), 1999.
Session9. Lexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance
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