LexBib: A Corpus and Bibliography of Metalexicographical Publications

Page 699-711
Author David Lindemann, Fritz Kliche, Ulrich Heid
Title LexBib: A Corpus and Bibliography of Metalexicographical Publications
Abstract This paper presents preliminary considerations regarding objectives and workflow of LexBib, a project which is currently being developed at the University of Hildesheim. We briefly describe the state of the art in electronic bibliographies in general, and bibliographies of lexicography and dictionary research in particular. The LexBib project is intended to provide a collection of full texts and metadata of publications on metalexicography, as an online resource and research infrastructure; at the same time, LexBib has a strong experimental component: computational linguistic methods for automated keyword indexing, topic clustering and citation extraction will be tested and evaluated. The goal is to enrich the bibliography with the results of the text analytics in the form of additional metadata.
Keywords bibliography, metalexicography, full text collection, e-science corpus, text analytics
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