Lexico-grammatical Compound Units and their Elaboration in Dictionaries

AuthorRenata Blatná
TitleLexico-grammatical Compound Units and their Elaboration in Dictionaries
AbstractThe paper studies the lexico-grammatical compound units functioning in the Czech language as prepositions and conjunctions: připadĕ 'in case (of)', vzhledem k(e) 'with respect/regard to' and năzakladě ' the ground/basis (of)'. The author summarizes descriptions of such units in grammars and dictionaries and compares the dictionary elaboration in Czech and English dictionary entries. On the basis of the corpus instances observed and the frequency data the author gives precision to the previous dictionary descriptions and proposes the optimal structure of elaborating such compound units in the future corpus based Czech dictionary.
SessionPART 4 - The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywordscompound units, collocation, idiom, corpus, dictionary
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