Lexicographic Treatment of Italian Phrasal Verbs: A Corpus-based Approach

By November 17, 2016,
Page 581-586
Author Cristina Onesti
Title Lexicographic Treatment of Italian Phrasal Verbs: A Corpus-based Approach
Abstract Italian phrasal verbs - or verbi sintagmatici - have seen a growth of interest in the Italian linguistic panorama. However, a more systematic analysis is needed to clarify the theoretical status of these verb-particle constructions and to improve their lexicographic treatment, which is still inconsistent, as shown by an overall comparison between the major Italian monolingual dictionaries. Difficulties are related with both an unclear semantic classification of them and the lack of frequency and productivity data about their formation. Following the classification of Masini 2005 in terms of intensification, direction, metaphoric and actional meaning, the present paper carries out a case study aiming at frequency data in phrasal verbs with via, in particular about the presence of an Aktionsart contribution of the particle. The meaning of accomplishment seems to be clearly traceable in the newsgroup messages analyzed (corpus NUNC-It), although very few dictionaries record it. Further corpus data should offer schemes of regularity in the usage of other verb-particle constructions making their lexicographic treatment more effective.
Session 2. The Dictionary-Making Process
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