Lexicography in the Crystal Ball: Facts, trends and outlook

By November 17, 2016,
Page 93-163
Author Gilles-Maurice de Schryver
Title Lexicography in the Crystal Ball: Facts, trends and outlook
Abstract This year marks the fifteenth edition of the highly successful EURALEX congresses. In honour of this crystal jubilee, all major protagonists and topics of the fifteen congresses to date are reviewed, cross-compared with one another, and plotted through time. Three different databases were built to this intent: First, a EURALEX metadata database, containing all the bibliometric information of each paper, as well as the full affiliation details for each author. The language of each paper (English, French, Russian, …) as well as its congress status (keynote, demo session, poster, …) were also noted. From these data various paper, author, language and country trends are derived.
Second, a EURALEX citation database was constructed, in which each paper is linked with the citation data for that paper as found in Google Scholar. Various cross-checks were run, to improve on the search engine’s suggestions. From these data various citation trends are derived, such as the percentage and number of papers cited per congress, the overall impact of each congress, and the average number of cites per paper at each congress. The actual top-cited papers are also looked at.
Third, a EURALEX proceedings corpus was built, with the full text of all the EURALEX papers delivered to date (including those presented in Oslo). Keywords and keyness values were extracted from this corpus, and the (normalized) frequencies of the top 1 000 keywords were then looked up in each congress sub-corpus. A detailed trend analysis of the most important of those keywords is then summarized in over forty charts.
In addition to the study of facts and trends, all this material is also used to predict the future, an outlook as reflected in the crystal ball.
Session Plenary lectures
Keywords EURALEX proceedings, papers, authors, countries, citations, trends
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