L’hermétisme terminologique des protocoles en neurosciences

By November 17, 2016,
Page 831-835
Author Fernande Ruiz Quemoun
Title L’hermétisme terminologique des protocoles en neurosciences
Abstract Throughout the years, the unknown field of scientific research, thanks to the media, has arrived at societies reach. We propose to explore amongst a body of scientific experimental protocols (in French and in Spanish), the vocabulary of Protocols in neurosciences and its properties in this speciality language. The undertaken inventory uncovers that these gather a part of their terminology from general language giving to these terms a specific entity. This research therefore raises the question: why does the speciality language take a proportion of its terms from common language? Will the use of common language help the comprehension or inscrutability in the discourse? Does this transfer of terms from one domain to another show up discrepancies in the discourse between the emitter and the receiver? Finally, concerning the translation of the above-mentioned terms, we observe that, despite the objectivity of speciality languages, the terminology frequently has recourse to various referents.
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