License to use: ELEXIS survey on licensing lexicographic data and software

Page 705-712
Author Iztok Kosem, Sanni Nimb, Carole Tiberius, Bob Boelhouwer, Simon Krek
Title License to use: ELEXIS survey on licensing lexicographic data and software
Abstract Lexicographic resources are extremely valuable, not only for the general public but also for other applications, such as natural language processing, linked open data, etc. As many resources are still not available or are only available under very strict conditions, it is important to understand their owners’ or creators’ stance towards data sharing. This is particularly relevant for the European Lexicographic Infrastructure (ELEXIS) project, which has as one of its main aims the development of the Dictionary Matrix that will be formed of extensive links between key elements found in different types of dictionaries. This paper reports on a survey on licensing lexicographic data conducted amongst partner and observer institutions in ELEXIS. The results show that there are many differences on how institutions in different countries approach data licensing. Moreover, the differences can be observed at the level of dictionary microstructure, as institutions are more protective towards certain types of lexicographic data. Using a case study, it is demonstrated how a more open approach to sharing data can benefit the community of a particular language, and the ELEXIS community in general.
Session Lexicography and Language Technologies
Keywords licensing; survey; data; ELEXIS; Dictionary Matrix; lexicographic resources; dictionary; corpus
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