Linguistic Units and Text Entities: Theory and Practice

AuthorFrantišek Čermák
TitleLinguistic Units and Text Entities: Theory and Practice
AbstractBoth linguistic and lexicographic aspects of the system and text units are examined and the question of their mutual mapping is taken up. From a semiotic view and against the background of F. de Saussure's ideas about the language entity and unit, three levels of units and entities suggested for inclusion in the lexicographer's description are suggested. Current preoccupation with typical collocations seems to be too narrow to include other units and rare syntagmas. Alternative views on some common collocations are examined and a need for other criteria is voiced. A detailed example of a functional classification of collocational idioms is offered for the Czech language followed by a survey of basic combinatory phenomena found in the text and system.
SessionPART 3 - Lexical Combinatorics
Keywords(multiword) units, entities, idioms, system, collocation, corpus morpheme, abstract nouns
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