Metaphorical Conceptualization in Cell Biology

By November 17, 2016,
Page 649-655
Author Sylvie Vandaele
Title Metaphorical Conceptualization in Cell Biology
Abstract Metaphorical conceptualization (MC), in the sense used by Lakoff, is prevalent in scientific knowledge, particularly in medicine and associated domains such as cell biology, molecular biology or genetics. Indeed, these fields are now central to new approaches in medicine, and their terminology is a challenge for both terminologists and translators. Our working hypothesis is that metaphorical conceptualizations are closely linked to terminology and phraseology, and our aim is to describe their structure and characteristics in cell biology, specifically in cell transport and communication. This article presents a typical example of how the structures of entities in cell biology are metaphorically conceptualized. The presence of two metaphorical conceptualizations, as revealed by the linguistic expressions found in a highly specialized scientific corpus, is reminiscent of the metaphorical duality observed by Lakoff. It suggests that the combinatory rules governing term co-occurrences in specialized languages are closely linked to metaphorical conceptualizations specific to various fields of knowledge.
Session Different Lexicographical and Lexicological Topics
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