Monitoring Dictionary Use in the Electronic Age

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1144-1151
Author Serge Verlinde, Jean Binon
Title Monitoring Dictionary Use in the Electronic Age
Abstract The way in which a user consults a dictionary, navigates through a dictionary article and finds an answer to specific questions is a popular area of research in metalexicography. The successful development of online dictionaries opens new prospects in this area of research. Log files of online dictionaries may provide interesting ‘free implicit feedback’ (de Schryver and Joffe 2004: 187). Thanks to its task- and problem-oriented interface, the Base lexicale du français (BLF) allows us to track all dictionary users’ actions in a natural setting, outside any controlled research environment. Using these data, it should be possible to make well justified decisions on dictionary design.
Session Dictionary Use
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