Multi-Functional Software for Electronic Dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 863-870
Author Hiroaki Sato
Title Multi-Functional Software for Electronic Dictionaries
Abstract I have been developing a computer program named RebLin. RebLin has special functions other than searching electronic dictionaries. In this paper, I will show how multi-functional RebLin expands the possibility of electronic dictionaries. First, I will compare RebLin with other computer programs which handle electronic dictionaries, analyzing how each of the software deal with inflected forms and derivatives. Then, I will explain how RebLin retrieves useful information out of other electronic resources such as those on the internet, digitized movies and a lexical database. Finally, I will analyze a log file which records words which users input in the search field of RebLin, and show how they make use of the various electronic resources which RebLin provides them with.
Session PART 18 - AILA-Workshop: Electronic Dictionaries in Second Language Comprehension
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