Multi-level Reference Hierarchies in a Dictionary of Swahili

By November 17, 2016,
Page 269-275
Author Piotr Bański, Beata Wójtowicz
Title Multi-level Reference Hierarchies in a Dictionary of Swahili
Abstract This paper can be classified into at least two categories: Computational lexicography and Reports on lexicographical projects, bordering on yet another, the dictionary-making process. The context is a lexicographic project that creates an electronic, TEI XML-encoded Swahili-Polish learner dictionary-with a goal of 10,000 entries in the first stage. Here, we focus on one of the innovative features that we want to introduce in the dictionary, at a relatively small cost-due to the way the dictionary will be compiled out of a Swahili corpus: explicit visualization of derivational hierarchies-essentially a learner-oriented feature, but also serves as a basis for further lexicographic/lexicological applications. We primarily discuss our motivation for this idea and its XML implementation. Nevertheless, by the Conference date, we should also be able to present an actual visualization of it, going beyond a mere set of colourful hyperlinks, which is the way it is presented in our test dictionary-composed of 300 hundred selected illustrative entries, currently being expanded to 1,500, for database testing.
Session 1. Computational Lexicography and Lexicology
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