Multilingual CPA: Linking Verb Patterns across Languages

By November 23, 2016,
Page 410-417
Author Vít Baisa, Sara Može, Irene Renau
Title Multilingual CPA: Linking Verb Patterns across Languages
Abstract This paper presents the results of a pilot study in linking corresponding English and Spanish verb patterns using both automatic and manual procedures. Our work is rooted in Corpus Pattern Analysis (CPA) (Hanks 2004, 2013), a corpus-driven technique that was used in the creation of existing monolingual pattern dictionaries of English and Spanish verbs, which were used in our experiment to design a gold standard of manually annotated verb pattern pairs. Research in CPA has inspired parallel projects in English, Spanish, Italian and German. Our study represents the first attempt to build a multilingual lexical resource by linking verb patterns in these languages. Verb has special difficulties related to grammar and argument structure that we do not find in other parts-of-speech, and for that reason we think that it is necessary to create a specific resource for them. After applying the automatic matching to a set of 87 Spanish verbs linked to 176 English verbs, an evaluation of a random selection of 50 of these pairs show 80% precision.
Session Bi- and Multilingual Lexicography
Keywords Corpus Pattern Analysis; corpus lexicography; multilingual resources; verb patterns
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