New Lexicographic Approaches to the Description of Sense Relations

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorPetra Storjohann
TitleNew Lexicographic Approaches to the Description of Sense Relations
AbstractThe presentation and description of paradigmatic s├źnse relations in German dictionaries is often limited to types such as synonymy and antonymy. Their information is neither well presented nor helpful for users. Although corpora offer fundamental methodological advantages, various corpus-guided approaches have not played an important role in extracting and describing paradigmatic relations in German lexicography so far. ELEXIKO is a hypertext dictionary that explores a corpus to extract language data for the description of paradigmatic lexical relations. I will show how sense relations can be extracted systematically by employing both a corpus-driven and a complementary corpus-based approach. I will demonstrate how corpus data validates or challenges information in existing dictionaries and that in some cases lexicographic categories are not appropriate to capture specific linguistic phenomena with respect to sense-related items. Subsequently, an alternative method of extracting, describing, and presenting sense relations will be presented.
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