Non-equivalence of delexicalised verbs in bilingual dictionaries

AuthorPetek Kurtböke
TitleNon-equivalence of delexicalised verbs in bilingual dictionaries
AbstractThis paper deals with the treatment of delexicalised verbs in bilingual dictionaries. In particular, it aims to highlight the problems related to translation equivalence in the light of recent multilingual corpora research and how bilingual dictionaries can improve their description of delexicalised verbs on the basis of corpus data. Importantly, attention is drawn to the fact that bilingual lexicography concerned with two typologically different languages, as opposed to mainstream European practice, also poses challenges to researchers of machine translation. Specific reference is made to English-Turkish bilingual dictionaries and recent corpus research on Turkish.
SessionPART 5 - Bilingual Lexicography
Keywordsdelexicalization, delexical verbs, translation equivalence
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