O uso de dicionários na compreensão escrita em italiano LE

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1152-1160
Author Angela Zucchi m.t.
Title O uso de dicionários na compreensão escrita em italiano LE
Abstract The use of dictionaries by FL students is a standard fact, but this use is frequently questioned by FL teachers. Based on lexicological and lexicographic studies, in addition to language teaching, the survey described was developed in which empirical research is used as a way to answer the question of whether the help of a dictionary leads to differences in the success of understanding pre-determined lexical units, or whether the context itself is sufficient for such comprehension. To achieve this goal, we invited volunteer students enrolled in the undergraduate program in Italian as foreign language at FFLCH, USP, Brazil to participate in the survey. We established three groups of volunteers, the first using an Italian monolingual dictionary; the second using an Italian - Portuguese bilingual dictionary, and the third not using any dictionaries at all. The test consisted of four reading texts in which forty lexical units were highlighted, and whose proper meanings were to be verified by a multiple-choice test. After being collated, the results were submitted to a statistical analysis carried out by the Center of Applied Statistics (CEA-IME, USP). In addition to the statistical results, the methodology allows, through a template, the various elements present in both macro and microstructures of the dictionaries, which really helped comprehension according to the students, to be examined. The results of this empirical research demonstrated the important role of the dictionary in comprehending lexical units, and therefore, also in the teaching and learning process of a foreign language. Furthermore, this survey supported the study of Pedagogical Lexicography and teaching of the use of dictionaries in FL classes.
Session Dictionary Use
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