On loans in korean new word formation and lexicography

By September 7, 2022,
Page 814-824
Author Jun Choi, Hae-Yun Jung
Title On loans in korean new word formation and lexicography
Abstract This study examines a list of 3,413 neologisms containing one or more borrowed item, which was compiled using the databases built by the Korean Neologism Investigation Project. Etymological aspects and morphological aspects are taken into consideration to show that, besides the overwhelming prevalence of English­-based neologisms, particular loans from particular languages play a significant role in the prolific formation of Korean neologisms. Aspects of the lexicographic inclusion of loan-­based neologisms demonstrate the need for Korean neologism and lexicography research to broaden its scopes in terms of methodology and attitudes, while also providing a glimpse of changes.
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Keywords Neologisms, lexicography, loans, clipping, blending, word formation
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