Orientacija na pol’zovatelja kak dominanta učebnoj leksikografii

By November 17, 2016,
Page 81-87
Author Valerij V. Morkovkin, E.M.Kochneva
Title Orientacija na pol’zovatelja kak dominanta učebnoj leksikografii
Abstract Educational lexicography differs from the general one first of all in its anthropocentric nature. It means that one of the most important characteristics of the first is to meet the definite needs of definite groups of users. This characteristic can be ensured with a correct reaction to the claims raised to educational lexicography by the language teaching practice. The authors offer a definition of the concept 'teaching claim', argue the differentiation of the claims into general and special, give analysis of more than 20 teaching claims, the orientation on which the treatment of language in learners' dictionaries optimal.
Session PART 1 - Dictionaries from the Users' Perspective
Keywords educational lexicography, learner's dictionary, teaching claims, user's needs
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