Paradigmatic morphology modeling and lexicon design with MORPHO-2

AuthorCristian Dumitrescu
TitleParadigmatic morphology modeling and lexicon design with MORPHO-2
AbstractThe paper describes the MORPHO-2 system, designed to handle monolingual lexicons and morpholexical processes (i.e. wordform analysis and synthesis). From the computational morphology point of vlew, MORPHO-2 can be characterized as being based on a paradigmatic approach to root or lemma lexicons. To model paradigmatic morphology and design the lexicon entries the lexical information is properly structured and adequate access mechanisms used to capture linguistic generalizations at lexicon level.
SessionPART 3 - Computational Lexicology and Lexicography
Keywordsparadigmatic morphology, monolingual lexicon, feature hierarchy, inflectional paradigms, nonmonotonic inheritance, PATR conditions, lexeme.
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