Part-Of-Speech Labelling and the Retrieval of Phraseological units

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorAlenka Vrbinc
TitlePart-Of-Speech Labelling and the Retrieval of Phraseological units
AbstractThe paper presents some insights into the problems of PoS labelling of lemmata, paying special attention to locating phraseological units where it is essential to identify the correct part of speech of the word under which the phraseological unit is included and dealt with in monolingual learners’ dictionaries. When studying the inclusion of individual words, senses and phraseological units in five learners’ dictionaries (OALD7, LDOCE5, COBUILD5, CALD3, MED2), it was found that numerous lemmata are equipped with more than one PoS label. Consequently, the user no longer needs to identify each and every part of speech of the word in question. As far as the inclusion of phraseological units in the entry for a specific part of speech is concerned, another method of inclusion is proposed, which can be regarded as a further simplification of the microstructure: i.e., that all phraseological units with one common element belonging to different parts of speech are simply grouped together in one special idioms section without distinction between individual parts of speech. This method is certainly worth applying in monolingual learners’ dictionaries.
SessionPhraseology and Collocation
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