Pejorative Language Use in the Satirical Journal “Die Fackel” as documented in the “Dictionary of Insults and Invectives”

By November 17, 2016,
Page 993-999
Author Hanno Biber
Title Pejorative Language Use in the Satirical Journal “Die Fackel” as documented in the “Dictionary of Insults and Invectives”
Abstract Satirical literary texts have certain properties that are highly interesting for the study of pejorative language use. The language of the satirical journal "Die Fackel" published and almost entirely written by Karl Kraus is the text basis for a text-lexicographic exploration into the field of pejorative language and its specific lexicographic units. The "Schimpfwörterbuch zu der von Karl Kraus 1899 bis 1936 herausgegebenen Zeitschrift "Die Fackel". Alphabetisches, Chronologisches, Explikatives" was published in 2008. The three volumes document the usage of invectives in the journal, in alphabetical and in chronological order, and in explicative form explained through the example of the last article of the journal. The alphabetical part consists of 2,775 examples of pejorative phrases and related indices. The chronological part presents 555 of these pejorative phrases arranged in chronological order providing expanded contexts. The third volume contains explicatory texts as well as "Wichtiges von Wichten", the final article of "Die Fackel", where pejorative phrases were marked up and accompanied by commentaries. This source is representing a literary genre that offers a variety of different forms of pejorative language to be studied from various perspectives. The lexicographic insights offered by the text dictionary into the use of pejoration by Karl Kraus will be presented in this paper.
Session Lexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance
Keywords text lexicography, literary studies, pejorative language
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