Performance Evaluation of Italian Electronic Dictionaries: User’s Needs and Requirements

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorIsabella Chiari
TitlePerformance Evaluation of Italian Electronic Dictionaries: User’s Needs and Requirements
AbstractElectronic dictionaries are nowadays to be considered as distinct and partially autonomous tools for common users, teachers and researchers. Information coded in the printed edition is extraordinarily increased and strengthened by querying functions implemented in the electronic version. Six of the major Italian human readable electronic dictionaries (ED) have been analyzed in order to observe capabilities of data extraction from the printed version, to estimate performance capabilities, observing advanced search features, user-friendliness in interface design, integration with other applications, etc. Finally, a number ofcharacteristics have been selected that should be considered for future development, with the purpose of meeting different user's needs, namely portability, exportation and integration modes, additional structured content and documentation.
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