Phonetic Transcription in Machine-Readable Dictionaries

AuthorWłodzimierz Sobkowiak
TitlePhonetic Transcription in Machine-Readable Dictionaries
AbstractIn MRDs the representative/informative function of phonetic representation is complemented by its indexical function. MRDs can be searched phonetically using any available information on the pronunciation of words: phonemic structure, stress pattern, syllable boundaries, segmental length, etc. The design of MRD phonetic transcription should be sensitive to the requirements imposed by this unorthodox function. The user trying to locate a word by its (transcribed) sound or generating a list of words meeting phonetic criteria will use transcription actively: clarity and ease of use ('friendliness'), consistency and grapho-phonemic bi-uniqueness are essential in this connection. Three widely used systems of MRD phonetic transcription are discussed from the point of view of their indexical search function. Their relative merits are compared and deficiencies pointed out.
SessionPART 1 - Computational Lexicology and Lexicography
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