Phonetics and Ideology of Defining Vocabularies

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorWłodzimierz Sobkowiak, Marek Kuczyński
TitlePhonetics and Ideology of Defining Vocabularies
AbstractThe controlled defining vocabularies of LDOCE3 and CIDE have been tested for phonetic difficulty and ideological bias. The research hypotheses were that: (1) they are on the whole not phonetically easier than the 'ordinary' lexicon of English, and (2) they are ideologically biased in that they tend to reflect the realm of material concepts better than spiritual. Both hypotheses failed: the two vocabularies are in fact phonetically easier than the reference lexicon (significant at p<01), and the slight bias towards the 'appearance&body' concepts in both vocabularies is statistically nonsignificant. Didactic ramifications in the EFL context as well as the lexicographic import ofthe findings are discussed.
SessionThe Dictionary-making Process
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