Phraseology and early English dictionaries: the growth of tradition

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorRosamund Moon
TitlePhraseology and early English dictionaries: the growth of tradition
AbstractThis paper examines the ways in which idioms and other phraseological items were treated in English dictionaries, from their first appearances in the 16th century up until the publication of Johnson’s Dictionary of 1755. In particular, it observes a continuity of tradition in the case of bilingual dictionaries, stretching from earliest times to the present day, which shows keen awareness of the phraseological structure of English and of the languages with which it is being paired. In contrast, it observes a discontinuity between pre-Johnsonian monolingual dictionaries and their growing awareness of phraseological phenomena, and many post-Johnsonian dictionaries which have tended towards more atomistic notions of the word and fixedness of items.
SessionPART 11 - Approaches to Lexical Combinatorics
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