Phraseology – the Hornby legacy

By November 17, 2016,
Page 37-52
Author Anthony Cowie
Title Phraseology – the Hornby legacy
Abstract The theme of this paper is A. S. Homby's contribution to the treatment of phraseology in the EFL dictionary. It focuses on three types of collocation: lexical collocations, as adapted by Homby to meet the needs of the learner as reader and writer; grammatical collocations, specifically noun + preposition and adjective + preposition types; and phrasal verbs. The paper shows how Homby's grasp of the analytical problems was strengthened by grammatical and lexical research and how difficulties of retrieval and use were skillfully overcome in the dictionaries themselves. A number of dictionary traditions are referred to in order to show how different approaches to design can deai effectively with problems of presentation that all must face.
Session Keynote and Plenary Papers
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