Pragmatic Meaning in Lexicographical Description: Semantic Prosody on the Go

By November 17, 2016,
Page 477-491
Author Mojca Šorli
Title Pragmatic Meaning in Lexicographical Description: Semantic Prosody on the Go
Abstract The present paper focuses on ways in which the pragmatic (functional) meaning, known in corpus linguistics as semantic prosody, is treated in monolingual and also bilingual dictionaries. We have analysed a selection of lexicographical descriptions, as they are represented in the Slovene Lexical Database (SLD), comparing them to a number of English and Slovene lexical sources, and demonstrated how corpus-derived pragmatic meaning can become an integral part of dictionary definitions. This is particularly important for the treatment of phraseology and idiomatics, where greater involvement of pragmatics is demonstrated. A tentative typology was compiled for the purpose of this analysis in order to categorise lexical units according to their inner semantic-pragmatic relations, with a view to examining the implications for the monolingual dictionary treatment of individual items, as well as any potential strategies that could be applied, on the basis of the posited categories, to their translation. We have also pointed out the treatment of individual lexical units in the selected bilingual dictionaries.
Session Lexicography and Corpus Linguistics
Keywords lexicographical description, lexical database, monolingual/bilingual dictionary, pragmatics, semantic prosody
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