Pragmatic Prefabs in Learners’ Dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 471-481
Author Sylvie De Cock
Title Pragmatic Prefabs in Learners’ Dictionaries
Abstract This paper sets out to investigate the coverage of one type of prefabricated expressions, namely pragmatic prefabs in learners' dictionaries. The first section seeks to find out whether or not a series of frequently recurring pragmatic prefabs in the Louvain Corpus ofNative English Conversation (LOCNEC) are included in the latest editions ofthe five major advanced learners' dictionaries (CIDE 1995, COBUILD 2001, LDOCE 2001, OALD 2000, MED 2002) and raises some issues concerning the inclusion or non-inclusion of such expressions. The second section examines the description ofofcourse in greater detail both from a quantitative (i.e. in terms ofthe number ofuses distinguished and the number ofexamples given) and a qualitative point of view (i.e. in terms of the adequacy of the descriptions provided). The five dictionaries are compared and assessed and the contribution of learner corpus-based research to the compilation of learners' dictionaries is highlighted. The paper concludes by making concrete suggestions for more 'learner-aware' dictionary coverage of pragmatic prefabs.
Session The Dictionary-making Process
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