Prepositions in Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: A Cognitive Linguistic Look

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1477-1485
Author Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak
Title Prepositions in Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: A Cognitive Linguistic Look
Abstract The paper is an attempt to look at the problems faced by lexicographers compiling prepositional entries in dictionaries for foreign learners, and to suggest ways in which these problems could be alleviated. After discussing some of the reasons why prepositions are difficult to deal with in a dictionary, and reporting on the results of metalexicographic studies examining the treatment of prepositions in monolingual English learners. dictionaries and in three bilingual English-Polish dictionaries, Cognitive Linguistics is suggested as a source of important insights which could be of assistance in solving practical lexicographic problems. Among those insights are: the idea that the linguistic structuring of space functions as a mental template for other domains; recognition of the polysemic sense network of prepositional meanings; preference for principled polysemy over earlier unrestricted polysemy approaches; introduction of rigid criteria for the recognition of separate senses; recognition of the fact that the overwhelming majority of spatial senses of prepositions are related through metonymy. Drawing on the cognitive linguistic analyses of the semantics of English prepositions offered by Tyler and Evans (2003), some practical recommendations are made regarding ways in which prepositional entries in dictionaries for foreign learners could be made more informative and useful. These include a considerable reduction of the number of senses and examples of usage, an introduction of semantic .profiles. at the beginning of entries, and supplementing verbal illustrations with simple graphics, highlighting the salient meanings of particular prepositions, the links between different senses, and the differences between semantically close and therefore frequently confused items.
Session 9. Lexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance
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