Propuesta de anotación semántica para una base de datos paremiológica

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1337-1344
Author Elena Alonso Pérez-Ávila
Title Propuesta de anotación semántica para una base de datos paremiológica
Abstract An electronic tool, such as an on line multilingual paremiological database, that would enable researchers or translators to search paremiological units of many languages and manipulate the information stored about them more easily, would greatly benefit the field of paremiology. This paper deals with how the information provided by SpanishWordNet and MultiWordnet may be used to tag semantically paremiological units in Spanish and Italian within the database. In other words, tags related to the WordNet ontology are attached to each term in the proverb in order to provide more information about the domain that the proverb belongs to. We propose this annotation as a methodology to classify paremiological units that can be shared by different linguistic communities since it is based on an already widely used lexical resource developed in many languages: WordNet. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tag the proverb as a whole unit due to its particular features: the meaning of the whole proverb cannot be easily derived from the meanings of its separate components. At the moment we are trying to supply the database with as much information as possible on the semantics of the components of the proverbs and the relations, such as hyponymy, that those parts present with the rest of the lexicon.
Session 8. Phraseology and Collocation
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