Query-driven dictionary enhancement

By November 17, 2016,
Page 273-284
Author Primož Jakopin, Birte Lönneker
Title Query-driven dictionary enhancement
Abstract With the log files of online dictionaries, in which all submitted user queries are stored, dictionary authors have for the first time in the history of dictionary building direct access to the users' requests, in this article, we show 1) how to use the log file to evaluate the current contents of an online dictionary and 2) how to choose the most promising corpus type for enlarging it according to the users' needs. We use the example of a German- Slovenian online dictionary for this work. As a result of the first evaluation, we detect that the dictionary does not fulfill the users' needs in coverage colloquial and vulgar language, as well as in words and expressions used in everyday life. The result of the second evaluation confirms the importance of this part of the vocabulary, in an overall comparison of queries and corpora, a fiction corpus, which by its nature contains also colloquial language, yields a better result than a newspaper corpus and a non-fiction corpus.
Session The Dictionary-Making Process
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