Reconceptualizing Lexicography: The Broad Understanding

Page 183-192
Author Patrick Leroyer, Henrik Køhler Simonsen
Title Reconceptualizing Lexicography: The Broad Understanding
Abstract Lexicography has changed radically over the past 20 years and numerous scholars have discussed, in a vast number of theoretical contributions, whether lexicography is a science of its own and how it should be defined. But has the whole idea of lexicography, the way we see it in the first place, also changed? Is lexicography all about dictionaries one way or another? Can it be understood differently? In this light, the purpose of our paper is to propose a broad understanding spurred by the closing remark in Adamska-Salaciak’s article on lexicography and theory as follows ‘theoretical lexicography in its present form is unlikely to offer any such theoretical perspective’, cf. (Adamska-Salaciak 2018:14). We do not wish to continue the somewhat tautological discussion of whether lexicography is a science or not, and bring in yet another definition. Instead, we intend to take Adamska-Salaciak up on her call for further theory development and introduce a reconceptualization of lexicography founded on a social-constructivist position paving the way to a broad understanding. In our discussion, we have drawn on established, seminal lexicographic theory, but reconceptualization requires a break with current views. Consequently, we have also drawn on theories discussed in Simonsen (2012), Christensen (2017), Fadel et al. (2015), Leroyer and Simonsen (2018a, 2018b), Liew (2013), Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010), Osterwalder et al. (2014), Weill and Woerner (2018), etc. Elaborating on the model of Verlinde et al. (2010) and Simonsen (2012), we explain how what we call ‘lexicographic meaningconstruction processes’ are at the heart of lexicography. In this light, we present a seven faced model showing how current and novel elements of lexicographic theory interplay and can be reinterpreted.
Session Bi- and Multilingual Lexicography
Keywords social-constructivist position; reconceptualization; lexicographic meaning-construction processes; seven-faced model
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