Repertorio analitico dei dizionari bilingui francese-italiano

By November 17, 2016,
Page 717-828
Author Jacqueline Lillo
Title Repertorio analitico dei dizionari bilingui francese-italiano
Abstract This research has aimed at analytically listing bilingual French-Italian, Italian-French dictionaries available in public and private libraries. The team of about thirty researchers has visited almost 400 libraries in France and Italy and also in Netherlands, Spain and Great-Britain. 800 different editions have been found from the first in 1583 to 2000- conventional date. An analytical description has been provided for each of them. It gives general information on their author, title, printing city, publishers, volume measures, typology, etc., and more specific information on the metalexicographical languages, the paratext-introduction, illustrations, etc., the nomenclature and the microstructure itselfphonetics, etymology, descriptive glosses, labels, examples, etc. All the information, registered in a data base, allow us to present a pretty realistic view on bilingual French- Italian and Italian-French lexicography from the very beginning. Various figures are included in this article to show: the number of dictionaries per century, the most productive authors-over 15 editions, the production per author-it is very interesting to see that almost half of the authors have published only one dictionary, the places of publication per century and all together. This bibliography - Quattro secoli di lessicografia franco-italiana 1583-2000. Repertorio analitico di dizionari bilingui - is published by Peter Lang.
Session 3. Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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