Reversal as means of building a new dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 327-332
Author Andrejs Veisbergs
Title Reversal as means of building a new dictionary
Abstract New opportunities offered by information technology make it possible to apply new methods to lexicography. This paper describes a project that will result in compiling a new Latvian-English dictíonary of unprecedented size and quality by reversing the definition entries of the many English-Latvian dictionaries currently in print. The paper discusses: the current lexicographic situation, which forms the backdrop for the reversal project; the process of reversal itself, conclusions about the reversal project, its pros and cons, problems and findings; and corollary conclusions about the contents and structure of dictionaries used for reversal. The last area is in some ways the most interesting as such projects might have a future in Latvia and elsewhere.
Session The Dictionary-Making Process
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